Rio Grande Fumigation

From Rio Grande to the world.



A genuinely Riograndina company, founded in June 2007, consolidated in the phytosanitary and quarantine treatment with extensive experience in ship fumigation.
Highly equipped to carry out all procedures with total safety without putting people and the local ecosystem at risk, in addition to having insurance for our activities, we have trained professionals for the effective and safe performance of our services.
We were audited several times and we were approved by Glencore in its Safe Agri program, guaranteeing the excellence of the services provided.
We are members of ANEC and are part of the association's fumigators committee. In addition, we are GAFTA approved Fumigators, ensuring that all of our procedures are in accordance with the standards of this international association, which constantly audits them.
Our administrators have extensive experience in the area of foreign trade, Ports and Retroport Terminals, ensuring th excellence in the services provided by Rio Grande Fumigation.

BrasilLocation PA MA SP PR RS
Port of Barcarena / PA
Street Rodolfo Chermont, n° 18, Conjunto Euclides Figueiredo, Marambaia, Belém / PA.
Port of Itaqui / MA
Av. São Luis Rei de França, nº 11, lote 11, Quadra M, bairro Turu, São Luis / MA.
Port of Santos / SP
AV. Almirante Conchrane, n° 408, Aparecida, Santos / SP.
Port of Paranaguá / PR
Street Professor Cleto, n° 1540, Leblon, Paranaguá / PR.
Port of Rio Grande / RS
Engenheiro Carlos Firmo Schmidt Rover, n° 200, quadra B, Dirg (Distrito Indústrial de Rio Grande) / RS.



Rio Grande Fumigation is the first Brazilian company to develop its own mobile application, making it easier for customers to access their ship's information. Through the mobile application the customer can follow the loading and fumigation process in real time, being able to see photos of the service or contact the Fumigator in charge at the time of the operation.


Rio Grande Fumigation has as its principles

Responsibility to your customers.

Respect for the environment.

Commitment to society.

Greater security and quality of services provided.